Mini-Review: Adam

Today I’m home from work (due to the extreme cold weather) and watching movies with Mom.  I introduced her to the film Adam; it was my third viewing, but the the first time I actually sat and watched the screen the whole time instead of sewing or working on digital photos.

I love our local video rental store

I love our local video rental store

I’m not going to write a thorough review – I’m sure you can find great in-depth reviews elsewhere.  But I do recommend this film!  “The problem is, I think he’s adorable” – Mom, who married an Aspie.  “I know, me too!” – me, who has dated Aspies.  We both agreed that Hugh Dancy does a wonderful job of realistically playing someone on the spectrum.  He and the filmmakers successfully portray many facets of life with Asperger’s, such as: routines, trouble with finding/keeping jobs, the benefit of a mentor, special interests, not recognizing social cues or having a “filter” in conversation, “mind blindness,” intolerance of lying, wanting to do or say the right thing but having to ask what that is, sensory overload, and meltdowns. His co-star, Rose Byrne, really captures what it’s like to be intrigued and charmed by an interesting and sweet Aspie like Adam.  The film strikes a delicate balance between being about love and being about Asperger’s, and I think it does it well.  Perhaps best of all it is realistic about the complexities of such a relationship.

You can find this movie on Amazon (DVD or streaming video) and iTunes to rent or buy.  Or if you’re fortunate like us to still have one, check out your local video rental store!

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